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Why don't you show the Lender's names?
  • Our Lenders offer PreApproved firm rates to persons who meet their criteria. Your rates will be firm to you. No teaser rates. No bait & switch. No fine print.
Will applying for a mortgage hurt my credit score?
  • Yes, the instant that you apply for a mortgage (or any form of credit), your credit score will drop. If you apply with Mortgage Lender 1 your credit score drops. So, even if you apply 60 minutes later with Mortgage Lender 2, your score will be lower and could result in a higher mortgage rate being offered to you.
  • A small increase in your mortgage rate of only .125% really adds up. (This amounts to over $5,500 in additional interest charges on a $200,000 thirty year mortgage.)
  • Our mortgage rates Solution: Before you apply for a mortgage, receive PreApproved offers of credit with firm mortgage rates and terms specific to you.
  • Your PreApproved firm offers will not affect your credit report and will not affect your credit score. You can quickly receive and easily compare your PreApproved and firm mortgage rates without risk.
  • If you decide that you want to accept one of our participating Mortgage Lender's PreApproved firm rate and terms offered to you, then you can accept the offer knowing that under Federal Law the Mortgage Lender must honor this rate and terms.
  • There are no teaser rates and no bait & switch tactics. What you see is what you get.
A mortgage company is asking for a $35 application fee in order to give me my mortgage rates. Should I pay it?
  • No. There are two things here that you shouldn't do. First, do not agree to pay up-front mortgage application fees, especially just to find out what a mortgage company may offer you. Banks and mortgage companies are making a ton of money just charging up-front application fees. It has become more common and we believe it is wrong.
  • Second, do not apply for a mortgage without knowing what firm rate and terms the Lender will offer you. Not only do you hurt your credit score when you apply, but you're out $35 just to see a rate and terms the mortgage company doesn't even have to honor. It's a bad deal.
  • Our mortgage rates solution for you: Our service is free and will not affect your credit score. Any PreApproved firm offers of credit that you receive will have your firm mortgage rates and terms specific to you which our participating Mortgage Lenders must honor and guarantee to you under Federal Law. Plus, should you accept a firm mortgage rate from one of our participating Mortgage Lenders, you will not be charged an up-front application fee.
  • You Are PreApproved! It's like going to the front of the line. You are the person they're looking for and they want your business.
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